Veterans Day: What It Means to Us

Posted: November 9, 2013 by Glenn Selby

Story by William Selby

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Words of Carlos Garcia, U.S. Army Veteran 2003 to 2011


Carlos is a man with many interests, but only one love….helping fellow veterans.  Here is how he answered the question:


“To me, Veterans Day is not just one day; it’s a daily inspiration.  It courses through my veins and is evident in every beat of my heart.  It’s a way of life and a bond of brotherhood found nowhere else on earth.”


“It’s being there for your battle buddy when he reaches his hand out.  It’s making sure when our service members come home, they are well taken care of.”


“It’s living my life in honor of those who are not able to and ensuring everything I do is for the benefit and betterment of others.  It’s maintaining service even after service.”


“It’s a reminder that we still have brothers, sisters, daughters, mothers, fathers and relatives putting their lives on the line.  It’s knowing that once their job is done, they have a support system ready and waiting to take care of them, the same way they have so selflessly taken care of us.”


“It’s a phone call to a battle buddy to make sure they are alright.  It’s about getting fellow veterans out and together, so they know they are not alone.  It’s an email, a text, a visit, just so you know I still got your back.”


“It’s an oath that I took promising that I will never leave a fallen soldier behind and keeping that oath even after battle.  It’s a vision I have for the future of veterans.  It’s a mission, movement and determination to make a change in the lives of our veterans.”


“It’s a family, a unit and fortress.  It’s having each other’s back in the face of adversity.  It’s coming out of that adversity stronger than ever.”


“It’s my service, it’s your service, it’s those that have come before and those that will come after.”


“Veterans Day is not just a day, it’s a way of life.  A life I am proud to live, and a life I dedicate to my family in arms.”  Here’s to us and those like us.  We are a breed unlike any other.  Stand tall, walk proud and never forget I’m proud of each and everyone of you who have earned the title of veteran.”


If you talk to a World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf, Iraqi/Afghanistan Veteran and ask them what Veterans’ Day means to them, they may answer differently but if you listen closely, they are saying the same thing. “It’s a day to honor and respect each other, our brothers and sisters in arms who have fought before and will continue to fight for America.  And though we may come from many different backgrounds and may be of different skin colors, the only colors that matter to us are the Red, White and Blue.



Patriots seeking meaningful involvement in supporting our Armed Services Salute please consider helping in any of these ways:

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